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  • Karen

Puppy Exercise - for body & mind.

This is an area that people often receive conflicting advice about. How much is too much? What type of exercise is OK?

Firstly, it is important not only to provide physical exercise for your pup but also mental stimulation.

I like to use the Puppy Culture(TM) exercise guidelines for puppies from day one and combines a variety of physical exercise with mental stimulation.

They have a very useful booklet that can be downloaded to Kindle or purchased in poster form, that breaks exercise down by age in weeks and by type. For instance, it starts with continuous walking for a couple of minutes only, building gradually to 45 minutes at 6 months old. A sniff and stroll walk using some a kibble from their daily meal allowance can form an additional period of exercise for about 10 minutes and so on.

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The next blog will look at training, see you then.

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