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with Louise Wilson

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Course Details:

2 full days - 9.30am - 4pm  6 places only






About the Course:

This is a basic scent imprinting course, designed to provide the most appropriate scent
imprinting and detection approach for each dog and handler. Dogs will gain a positive
conditioned response to the target scent through play, treats and praise, using classical
conditioning. Operant condition is later introduced to help shape the dog’s reaction to the target
odour. Handlers will be able to read their own dog and assess reactions. Handlers will
understand their dog’s approach and range and how to improve own and dog’s performance in
basic scent detection.

This course is suitable for pet owners looking for enrichment and bonding opportunities or for
those considering working in professional scent dog handling.

This is a foundation scent detection course particularly suitable for those with little or no
professional experience in working dog handling.

During the 2 day course your dog will need rest periods in the car between sessions so you should be prepared to facilitate this.  Your dog should be comfortable and safe during this time as their welfare is at the heart of what we do.  It will not be possible for them to rest in the cabin during this time whilst other dogs are working.

About the Trainer

Louise has over 18 years international experience as a multidiscipline handler, trainer, instructor and project manager, she is the former Director and Head of Training for 12 Years at one of the UK largest specialist detection dog company, she is the founder of bringing conservation K9s to the UK with 15 years of promoting and showcasing detection dogs in conservation and ecology.

Louise trained and operationally handled hundreds of dogs in various specialist disciplines, from explosive detection, live body, cash/tobacco and drugs detection dogs, for different agencies such as border control, the police UK and abroad, HMRC, Trading standards and more.

Increasing her expertise she also has trained and handled in a massive variety of wildlife detection roles, including; bat carcasses at wind turbine sites, the entry and exit point of mice in a building to help with pest control , Ivory, lion skins and Pangolin scale detection for wildlife crime and smuggling prevention in Gabon, Great Crested newt detection  for  Amphibian Wildlife Conservation Project, cheetah scat detection in South Africa, dormouse nest detection for Cheshire Wildlife Trust and pine marten scat detection for the use by  Shropshire Mammal Group, Water Vole detection dogs for Natural Resources Wales, Atkins and Environmental Agency, Amphibian carcass detection  for Zoological Society of London, the only Hedgehog Detection Dog in the UK working with Peoples Trust For Endangered Species, as well as biosecurity dogs working for British Antarctic Survey.

With a Diploma in Higher Education in animal behaviour and welfare ,and over 18 years’ experience of working and training specialist search dogs, a high level of enthusiasm and a genuine passion for dogs, welfare, conservation and wildlife, Louise is perfectly placed to provide a service that can offer a “Total Wildlife Solution” from supplying her own Existing Search Dog teams for wildlife monitoring projects, to training expert  handlers for their own projects and their dogs, to full project management and consultancy of a specific conservation project and target species, as well as courses and mentoring for novices to experts.

 Louise can provide specially trained wildlife detection dogs and handlers to conservationists, ecologists, wildlife crime officers and wildlife organisations to help with wildlife detection through a quick, efficient, non-invasive and non-biased method of surveying.

The first ever company to train dogs to work in a conservation role in the UK was started and handled  by Louise and it is her belief that her dogs can detect any substance, in any environment, regardless of any distraction, given the right positive  training and her enthusiasm, experience and total belief in her canine colleagues.

As well as interests in wildlife conservation, Louise is inspired to try and increase awareness of working dog welfare and mental health through education and training.

Louise is always looking for a new project for to showcase the amazing capability of detection dogs in ecology and conservation, She has travelled the world and been lucky to have worked in some amazing places, training dogs, dog teams, project managing and consultancy, such as South Africa, Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Montana, Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Falklands, giving her a wealth of knowledge she is more than willing to share.

As an international speaker and instructor at many Detection Conferences, Wildlife Symposiums and conservation k9 courses Louise is always happy to face a new detection challenge.

Species Detection training projects Louise has Been Involved in:-

Bear Scat, Wolf Scat, Lynx Scat, Pine Marten Scat, WaterVole Spraints, Dormouse nest, Bat Carcass, Bird carcass, Live Hedgehog Detection, Japanese Beetle, Great Crested Newts, Pool Frog. Salamander, Invasive Plants, field hamster, Otter, Mammal carcass, and many many more …


Louise is also a Co-Author of two (soon to be three) peered reviewed research papers and has been involved in many more.


Research Papers


  • Back to the basics with conservation detection dogs: fundamentals for success | 18th September 2019



Awards and Commendations:

  • 2010 Finalist, Network She Award, Business Woman of the Year

  • 2010 Winner, Flintshire Business Awards, Women Into Business

  • 2011 Winner, Network She Award, North East Wales Business Woman of the Year

  • 2011 Winner, Flintshire Business Awards, Women Into Business

  • 2014 Winner, Flintshire Business Week Awards, Innovation and Creativity Award


What’s included:

A selection of hot and cold drinks, biscuits & homemade cakes.

A packed lunch will be required.

A certificate will be awarded to successful attendees (usual cost £10)

Cost: £350 (payment plan available)

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