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The NEW Pastel Pockets will be in stock in mid December and are availabla in aqua, periwinkle and pastel pink.  They include a durable trade quality belt.


So why are The Trainer's Pockets the Ultimate Training accerssory?


  • Made by Trainers for Trainers
  • Made from high quality BPA free Non toxic Silicone
  • Flexible making reinforcement quick and cleaning easy (flips inside out)
  • Does NOT absorb odours or promote mould growth
  • Suitable for all Wet & Dry treat types
  • Durable, Practical & Professional finish and comes with high quality easy adjustable belt
  • Waterproof & Dishwasher Safe (top shelf) making cleaning a breeze
  • Pocket Pouch approx size: 13cm L x 8cm H x 6cm D
  • Compact size, can hold up to 2 cups of food and 1 Tennis ball

Trainer's Pocket with belt

  • The Trainer's Pocket is an Australian original design through the collaboration of professionals experienced in training native, exotic and domestic animals. A comfortable, practical and professional solution for your animal training needs complete with durable trade quality belt.

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