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Canis Clicker Trainers Education

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Course Details:

The 9 month Canis Clicker Trainer Certified Course course starts on 4th September 2023

Would you like to become an expert in clicker training?

Then this is the education for you.

This course will leave you with ninja clicker skills, a full toolbox for solving training challenges, and amazing observation skills, to analyze training sessions and how to progress from there.


You now have the chance to be certified Canis clicker trainer!

Canis clicker training academy is a Scandinavian dog-training school, with a reputation of being the best at clicker training. After longtime demand, we’re now coming to the UK with the full program as well. Completing the final tests of this course, is a requirement to apply for a spot at the instructors course - which is relevant if you’d like to teach the Canis concept.

If you’d like to know more about the path to having your own Canis department in the future, you can contact Catja at

Throughout this trainer course, you will learn to set up training sessions that will make your dogs succeed every time. You will learn how to analyze behaviour, and how to master the important art of shaping behaviours in a way, that is really clear to the dog. When this course is over, you and your dog will have a large behaviour library that you can use at any time. You’ll be strong in the learning theory and have expertise in how to work with full exercises.


Monthly Webinars: 

  • Monday 4th September 2023 - 8pm until 9.30 pm

  • Remaining webinars will be on the 1st Monday of each month at the same time

Webinars will be recorded but regular live attendance is encouraged.​


Weekend Workshops: 

  • 16th & 17th September 2023 - Alresford Village Hall, Alresford, Essex CO7 8AT

  • 25th & 26th November 2023 - Alresford Village Hall, Alresford, Essex CO7 8AT

  • 9th & 10th March 2024 - Alresford Village Hall, Alresford, Essex CO7 8AT

  • 29th & 30th June 2024 - venue to be confirmed

Attendance at the weekend workshops is mandetory​

Who is this for?:

  • Trainers and handlers with interest in learning about clicker training.

  • Trainers and handlers that wants to train with R+ and always remember the ABA in their sessions.

  • Trainers and handlers that would like to dig deep into the subject of shaping and capturing behaviors, with as little luring as possible.

  • Trainers and handlers that wants to train "smart" and efficient,

  • Trainers and handlers that would their dog to opt in, in every session.

  • Trainers and handlers that would like to learn about the basic skills, that makes it possible to teach your dog anything.

  • Trainers and handlers, that wish to learn about systematic training, training logs and optimizing performance.



We are committed to making sure that the dogs attending the workshops are able to work in a safe

and comfortable environment.  To aid this there will be plenty of space for working inside and pods can

be erected to provide a visual barrier if requested.  The outside venue has a huge field where space is


The purpose of the education:

  • To update the attendees with scientific documented (earning principles.

  • To help the attendees make their training and teaching more efficient, focused and goal oriented.

  • The attendee should after finished education, know about the principles of clicker training, be able to communicate them and teach them.

  • To give the attendees insight and understanding about the dogs learning abilities.

  • To learn to be the best and kindest version of a trainer as possible.

  • These techniques should give inspiration for an efficient and kind teaching style, for both the dogs handlers and their future students.

The certification:

All the points below need to be passed before the student gets the 'Canis Clicker Trainer' certificate.

  • Written examination

  • Participation in all 4 workshops

  • Advanced training skills

  • Practical back chaining examination

  • Teaching examination

  • Examination in the “basic skills” behaviors - off cue

  • Examination in stimulus control.


About the Trainer

Canis - Catja Pedersen


  • International conference speaker

  • Workshops - national/international

  • Online classes (Tromplo)

  • Full time dog trainer since 2009 Passionate about continued education and does at least one education/course      per year, plus staying updated from conferences.

  • Teaches nationally and internationally

  • Tromplo instructor

  • LLA Graduate (Dr. Susan G. Friedman)

  • Participation at WOOF

  • ClickerExpo 2014 -19 - speaker in 2017 and so much more



  • Canis Clickertrainer education

  • competition obedience

  • Search and rescue

  • nosework

  • tracking

  • platform training

  • backchaining

  • off-cue training


What’s included:

  • A selection of hot and cold drinks, biscuits & homemade cakes.

  • A packed lunch will be required for the workshops.

  • Access to a closed Facebook group

  • 2 x one to one video coaching sessions

Cost: £1800 (payment plan available).   

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