Canis Clicker Trainer Education Course

comes to the UK!


Commencing February 2020,

Catja Pedersen

will instruct the 12 month course

Canis Clicker Trainer Education

8 places only available with introductory offer

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Who is this for?

  • Trainers and handlers with interest in learning about clicker training.

  • Trainers and handlers that wants to train with positive reinforcement (R+) and always remember the Applied Behaviour Anaysis (ABA) in their sessions.

  • Trainers and handlers that would like to dig deep into the subject of shaping and capturing behaviors, with as little luring as possible.

  • Trainers and handlers that wants to train “smart” and efficient.

  • Trainers and handlers that would their dog to opt in, in every session.

  • Trainers and handlers that would like to learn about the basic skills, that makes it possible to teach your dog anything.

  • Trainers and handlers, that wish to learn about systematic training, training logs and optimizing performance.

The Purpose of the Education

  • To update the attendees with scientific documented learning principles.

  • To help the attendees make their training and teaching more efficient, focused and goal oriented.

  • The attendee should after finished education, know about the principles of clicker training, be able to communicate them and teach them.

  • To give the attendees insight and understanding about the dogs learning abilities.

  • To learn to be the best and kindest version of a trainer as possible.

  • These techniques should give inspiration for an efficient and kind teaching style, for both the dogs handlers and their future students.

Format of the Course & Dates

  • The education will last 1 year and there will be 4 (2 day) weekend workshops.

  • 12 monthly webinars (recording will be available).

  • Two “one to one” follow up videocall - scheduled individually.

  • Access to closed Facebook group for attendees, with information, discussions, articles, files etc.

  • Unlimited feedback and advise throughout the year.

  • The attendee should expect to use time between the workshops for practical training and written homework.

  • In addition to the practical training, there is also a theoretical part to read.


  • Workshop dates: 21-22 March 2020,  18-19 July 2020,  28-29 November 2020 & 20-21 March 2021

  • The webinars will be every second Monday in the month, starting 10 February 2020.


Two venues will be used for the workshops, both in North East Essex

The education will contain subjects like:

  • Timing - the power of it

  • Criteria - how to surf

  • Reinforcement rate - which interval should we use, when

  • Reinforcement value - how to decide

  • Targeting as an important tool - your lure.

  • Shaping - how to do without frustration

  • Stimulus control - how do we “control” the behaviors

  • Extinction - the black sheep of the family

  • Basic skill schedule - how and why

  • Fluency - both from handler and dog

  • Introduction to TAGteach

  • Introduction to ABA

  • How to analyze behaviors

  • Criteria plans and logging

  • Seamless sessions

  • Benchmarking for dogtraining

  • Doggie-zen

  • Practicing “keeping it simple”

Requirements for participation

  • The student must be willing to do a lot of practical training over this year

  • The student will follow the principles and focus on R+ training, to as wide extent as possible

  • The student has a dog (or access to a dog) they can bring to the workshops.

  • Experience in training animals and teaching is a plus.

  • The student should be motivated for education and new learning experiences


We are committed to making sure that the dogs attending the workshops are able to work in a safe

and comfortable environment.  To aid this there will be plenty of space for working inside and pods can

be erected to provide a visual barrier if requested.  The outside venue has a huge field where space is


Before we start

  • It is expected that the student has read the given homework before each workshop/webinar if given

To read during the education:


When is the education passed?

All the points below need to be passed before the student gets the “Canis Clicker Trainer” certificate.

  • Written examination

  • Participation in all 4 workshops

  • Advanced training skills

  • Practical back chaining examination

  • Teaching examination

  • Examination in the “basic skills” behaviors - off cue

  • Examination in stimulus control.

About the Trainer

Catja Pedersen, 37. Canis Hundeskole – Silkeborg.

Teaches nationally and internationally. Tromplo instructor. LLA Graduate (Dr. Susan G. Friedman). Participation at WOOF, ClickerExpo 2014 -19 - speaker in 2017 and so much more. (full resume can be sent on request)


Teaches: Canis Clickertrainer education, competition obedience, Search and rescue, nosework, tracking, platform training, backchaining, off-cue training, doggie-zen, ABA etc. Speaks at conferences about animal training and R+ in life with kids.


Usual Price £2000


Introductory Offer Working places £1800 with instalment plans of 6 or 12 payments available



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 Canis clicker training book, that is currently being translated to English.