Karen teaches science-based training methods with none of the more traditional harsh methods or ‘dog whispering’ techniques.  The emphasis is on encouraging both handler and dog to learn together rather than enforcing the dog to perform specific behaviours.

Karen has become a convert to clicker training having seen what it can do for her and her own dog.  She welcomes anyone who wants to learn more or to use a clicker in any of the classes.  The popular misconception that it will distract other dogs is simply not true and it works very well in both group and one to one sessions.

For the owners, Karen provides verbal and written guidance plus a demonstration for all the behaviours taught in her classes, aiming to meet the needs of all her human learners. She has attained a Level 2 TAGteach accreditation and uses the TAGteach principles in her teaching.

She also runs 7 week clicker foundation course for anyone who wants to learn from scratch.  
Check out the What’s On page for more information.

Learners are most welcome to use other non aversive techniques such as lure and reward if they prefer and there is no pressure to use a clicker.

We will not permit any of the owners to use aversive techniques such as hitting, harsh jerking on the lead, shouting or any forceful handling and we will  offer you positive alternatives.  Your dogs learn much more effectively through positive reinforcement training and we are happy to show you how much more you can achieve.

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