Widget's Farm is delighted to welcome

Elsa Blomster & Lena Gunnarsson
with a 2 day workshop based on their book


Retrieving for all Occasions

Wed 19th & Thurs 20th September 2018

Handler Early Bird £255 (6 available)

Handler Standard £285

 Spectator Place £80

Venue: Widget’s Farm, Standerwick

Frome BA11 2PR

About the Trainers

Since their hugely popular sessions at Clicker Expo 2016 and the publication of their very successful book, and their sold out workshop in 2017 in Essex, a 2nd UK date this year has been arranged in Somerset.  Handler spaces will be limited to ensure you get the most out of the workhop

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Elsa Blomster & Lena Gunnarsson

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Who is it for?

All dogs and owners.  This workshop is not just for those with an interest in gundog work.  Elsa & Lena will show you how to get the most fun out of retrieving from a variety of perspectives.  Read the paragraph below to see exactly what it will include. With a new, more challenging environment and new games and activities, this is suitable for those who have attended before and for new dogs and owners.

The Workshop

Retrieving for All Occasions - the Pet Retriever, the Therapy Retriever, the Obedience Retriever etc.

Who wouldn’t want a dog that can get you beer from the fridge, find lost car keys, fetch the mail, or perform a top-score obedience retrieve? If you want your dog to retrieve stuff in your everyday life as a fun and mentally stimulating exercise, to be trained to become a therapy dog or if you want your dog to compete in obedience or any other activity where your dog needs to be able to retrieve, you need to teach your dog good retrieving foundations.


During this 2 day course Elsa and Lena, authors of the book Retrieving for All Occasions, will walk you through the foundations of retrieving, including taking, holding, and delivery to hand. They will show you how to teach the dog to come to you with the objects regardless of what is happening around the dog. Elsa and Lena will show you how to make training joyful and easy-going, as well as how to use play with the dog to get the behaviours wanted. Finally they will demonstrate how to add distractions, and how to split training into small parts that can then be combined to a whole chain — the finished retrieve.


Do you want to give your dog more freedom off leash? Then a fool-proof recall signal and a panic stop are vital for your dog to know - as well as keeping an eye on you and having an invisible “contact” with you all the time. 


During this session Elsa and Lena, authors of the book Retrieving for All Occasions, will show you the training steps to get a dog that stops by default when a rabbit runs by, when you ask it to stop and who reliably comes to you when called. You will also learn how to get a dog that follows you and comes back to you to check in during your walks - a great training and walking companion.


Learning goals:

  • How to play to inspire foundations for a great retrieve

  • How to split the retrieve into smaller parts

  • How to identify what part of the retrieve needs the most training right now

  • How to put the retrieving chain together

  • How to add distractions to proof the retrieve

  • How to play to inspire foundations for recall and stop signal

  • How to add distractions to proof the recall and stop signal

  • How to get a dog that keeps an eye on you when off leash

  • How to teach the different parts of the recall and stop signal

More information

The event will be hosted by the team at Widget's Farm. 


A light lunch and all-day refreshments will be provided. This is an outdoor venue so warm, waterproof clothing will be necessary in case of wet weather.

BOOKS - books will be available for purchase at the workshop and these can be pre-ordered on the payment page.  Payment for the pre-ordered books will be made at the event.  You can also order ebooks here