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Every year millions of puppies enter homes, carrying their new family s expectation of a wonderful relationship. Sadly, many are re-homed or lose their lives as the result of behaviours which their owners find difficult to live with. Helping a puppy to grow into a resilient dog, capable of coping with the challenges of daily living, whilst retaining a good quality of life and exhibiting behaviours acceptable within society, is not an easy task. This book aims to simplify puppy education by presenting the skills that are required to achieve these goals within the context of everyday life. By enabling owners to incorporate teaching into each interaction they enjoy with their puppy, it not only becomes easier for them, but also enables the puppy to practice appropriate behaviour choices within day-to-day situations. By teaching skills such as self-control, respect for rules, and clear communication, owners can spend less time directing their dog, and more time enjoying their relationship with him, as he takes more control for his own good behaviour. Beautiful, specially-taken photographs illustrate the points made, and each chapter includes a worksheet to help owners chart their puppy's progress.

Why do owners wait until their dog becomes anxious when alone at home, before investing time in teaching him how to become comfortable alone? Owners often assume that their dog will sleep, yet many dogs suffer from anxiety and stress when left alone  and some owners only discover this when their dog becomes destructive, or a neighbour complains about his barking. Home alone and happy! was born out of the need to educate pet owners before the problems of separation anxiety arise. Written for those who wish to maintain their dog s emotional wellbeing, and those who want to take action before a very mild issue grows into something more serious. Kate Mallatratt shows you the problem through your dog s eyes when he is alone at home, and offers you valuable insight and advice to help make his time alone pleasant and stress-free. Beautifully illustrated, with worksheets to evaluate your dog s level of contentment and chart his progress, you ll learn how you can both spend quality time alone, despite being apart.

With almost 200 pages, corresponding photos, and step-by-step instructions, Puppy Start Right is the book for fostering and enhancing a parenting relationship among people and their dogs.

Puppy Start Right is more than just a puppy book about socialization; it's a positive approach to problem solving, prevention, and training, all without the use of force. Problem-solving topics address common behaviours of adolescent dogs, including mouthing/biting, jumping, chewing, digging, counter surfing, and stealing objects. Prevention topics include confinement/independence training, food bowl exercises, handling and restraint, and more.

The book includes: 

  • The Developmental Life Stages of Dogs

  • Domestication, Social Behaviour, How Dogs Perceive the World and Canine Communication

  • How Dogs Learn

  • Positive Socialization and What to do if Your Dog is Frightened?

  • Applying the Problem-Solving Model to Prevent Common Behaviour Problems

  • House Training in 5 Easy Steps

  • Foundation Training Exercises

This book covers more than just clicker training. Includes first learning (teach the dog without errors early on), instinctive behaviors, and lifestyle management. Quote: "Always seek prevention, error free association as a strategy, make sure the pup cannot error in the first place". Highly recommended. Order here

With Clicker Gundog you can learn how to develop a partnership with positive training in detailed, easy to follow recipes. From the basics to hunt and retrieve training, the key to success in all these areas is high level control that exceeds the stimuli of a shoot. This is achieved by careful planning and avoids any negative experience.


Now one of Kay Laurence's colleagues has written the essential guide to clicker training the gun dog. You'll see that while she fully understands the field requirements for all sorts of bird dogs, and she respects the dogs' natural abilities, she doesn't fall into the usual trap of teaching a method for solving one problem after another. Instead she describes what's wanted, and then gives you principles and goals and tools for getting there." Order here

How Dogs Learn explains the fascinating science of operant conditioning. The authors, recognized experts in this field, are also experienced dog trainers, and they explain each operant conditioning principle using dog training examples. For the first time, behavioral procedures that are used with humans, such as Behavioral Diagnostics and Functional Analysis, have been translated for applications with dogs. How Dogs Learn will help all dog owners solve canine behavior problems and improve their proficiency as trainers. Order here