How to Grow Your Pet Business Fast with Dominic Hodgson

Sunday 18th June 2017, 9.30 - 12.30

£35 per person
£60 if booked with
How to be your Dog's Superhero
Alresford Village Hall, Essex

About the Seminar

How to Grow your Pet Business FAST – Learn the secrets to positioning yourself as the premier dog walker or trainer in your town. 


  • Are you tired of newbie competitors undercutting you?


  • Is your dog walking dream becoming a crap client nightmare? 


  • Do you work hard all day doing a job you love but have little (or no) money to show for it at the end of each week? 


You are not alone. 

Working with dogs was supposed to be your dream career right? You left the crappy office job behind to follow your true passion. That passion still burns and you are awesome at what you do so why does no one else recognise it? And why are you being undercut by every newbie new dog walking business that seems to start up each week? Why are you afraid to charge what you know you are worth? 

This is because while you were learning about all about dogs you forgot to learn how to market your business. All business need to market effectively and despite what you might think the dog service industry is no different to any other. It’s your choice whether you position yourself as a Harrods or an Aldi in your town and the only difference between the successful higher earning dog walkers and you is they know how to market themselves.

Most dog walkers make the cardinal mistake of looking around and offering (and charging) the same as everyone other walker. Is it any wonder you are attracting crappy clients, who choose on price, when you give them no other reason to choose you? 

You can take the first steps to becoming the premier pet professional in your city by following the powerful strategies that are taught in this seminar.

In Grow Your Pet Business Fast you will;

  • Learn the secrets to positioning yourself as the premier dog walker in your area. (These same strategies apply to dog trainers and groomers too)

  • Discover the powerful strategies that will enable you to rise above the mediocre offerings of your competition and have clients beating down your door to get you to walk their dogs. 

  • Learn how to be recognised as an industry expert and why this is crucial to help you attract the right clients who you actually want to work with. 

  • Why you need to niche down in your services to one particular area and why specialising will help

  • How to effectively market your business on a budget so you don’t waste hours on Social Media each day. You can’t pay the bills with Facebook likes and twitter retweets. 

  • How to increase your prices without losing clients.

Who is it for?

This seminar is perfect for dog trainers, walkers and groomers who wish to grow their business and become the leading dog professional in their town.


About the Speaker

For the last five years Dom Hodgson has run one of the premier dog adventure businesses in the UK, Pack Leader Dog Adventures. He is also a successful trainer and with his online and offline training programs, and his bestselling book ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ he helps pet dog owners all over the world have more fun (and less stress) with their pet dogs. 
Dom now helps other pet business owners become as awesome and effective with their marketing as they are in with the dogs. In his How to Grow your pet business Fast –Seminar, Dom will sharing the marketing strategies that any pet professional can use to become the premier business provider in their town.


9.00 registration and coffee for a 9.30 am start to finish at 12.30 pm.

Other Information
The course includes refreshments.  You will need to bring a packed lunch if attending both seminars.