We are delighted to welcome the return of

Catja Pedersen
with a 2 day
Doggie Zen Workshop

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2019

10 am - 4 pm

Handler Place  
£240 for the weekend


 Spectator Place
£100 for the weekend

Venue: White Hall Academy, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 3SP

About the Trainer

Catja has been a professional trainer in Denmark for 8 years having studied with Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koste.  In 2017 she was invited to speak at Clicker Expo in Denmark.  She also instructed a very successful Search & Rescue for Guiding Paws last year.  She has two competition dogs at the moment; one competes at elite level in a multi-disciplinary sport for working dogs that includes tracking, search & rescue and obedience.  Her second dog is younger and being trained to compete later.  Catja also works with the Danish Customs department training their scent dogs.

The Workshop

Do you wish that your dog had skills in ignoring distractions? That he wouldn’t try to run to other dogs or sniff for dropped treats on the ground when you are training? Then its time to learn more about Doggie Zen.


Doggie Zen is taken from the Buddhism and an important part of that, is that to get something great in heaven, we have to give something up on earth. And the word Doggie – well,- its for dogs. For dogs, its always most logical to take the easiest way to reinforcement. Everything where the dog has to not take the easiest way, has an element of Doggie Zen in it ,- so lets use that, and by being aware of how we train it, get amazingly fluent behaviours. So in Doggie Zen we don’t say “no”, or tell the dog to leave it – we are teaching the dogs to choose to leave it – all by themselves. This is an amazingly valuable tool for us to have, and a important skill for every dog to learn. We use the Premack principle to make the high probability behaviour (searching for food, running towards dogs), become less likely than the behaviour we would like.


In this 2 day workshop, we will work with all the variations of Doggie Zen, including reverse luring, distance rewards, placement of reinforcer and proofing behaviours. Our goal is, to have the dogs offer behaviours, no matter how much we are trying to tempt them to do something else – and all learnt in the most positive and fun way.


Who is this workshop for:

It is crucial for working dogs and competitive teams, but also an important skill for every pet dog.

More information

A packed lunch will be required.  Refreshments are included with homemade cakes.


Spectators - there is a charge for spectators and a booking must be made in advance.