We are delighted to welcome back

Kay Attwood
with a 2 day workshop
Cognitive Skills Workshop
'Get those cogs turning with cognitive skills'

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th July 2017

Handler Place  
£140 for the weekend


 Spectator Place
£50 for the weekend

Venue:Alresford Village Hall, Essex

About the Trainer
Kay Attwood has been a dog training instructor since 2005. She runs her own very successful dog training school, Kay9 Services, with four venues and trains an array of classes at all levels for pet dogs and their owners. She also delivers various workshops and seminars for Kay9 Services and other dog training schools and organisations aimed at dog owners as well as other professionals within the dog training field.

Kay is a Full Member of The Pet Professional Guild – The association for force free Pet Professionals and a Member of The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners. She is also a Kennel Club Assessor and member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors scheme. She is a Fully Approved GOLD Instructor with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour and the Founder member of D.O.G (Dog Owners Guide) Local.


The Workshop

This isn’t just any old ‘Match and Sample’ workshop. We’ll be concentrating on Visual, Audio, Scent and Sensual skills,

to really stretch you and your dogs ability to work as a team and problem solve. There are many games that can be played using cognitive skills, using memory skills and much more!


This workshop is for dogs over 8 months of age (due to brain development). Some targeting skills would be useful but not

essential and each handler must be familiar with marking behaviour whether by clicker or verbally.

We will be working with targeting via feet or nose, indication signals for when the dog has found what we’re looking for

and indicates it to the handler, discrimination skills (visual, sensual, scent and audio) as in ‘it’s not that one, or that one but THIS one’!

These are very impressive skills for your dog to have and can help in many other ways, such as behaviour and general wellbeing.

  • Unique match and sample using the part of the brain, responsible for problem solving

  • Learning new skills that help your dog in all manner of ways, whether behaviourally or general peace of mind

  • Improve your dogs cognitive abilities and stave off dementia!

  • Lots of fun for you and your dog

A packed lunch will be required.  Refreshments are included with homemade cakes.