Our clicker training course is taught by a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) Karen Backhouse. The assessed accreditation not only tests the knowledge and teaching skills of the trainer, it allows for the Academy methods and curriculum to be used.  This assures you of the best tuition possible for introducing you & your dog to clicker training.

The course starts from the basics with the first class being without dogs so you can master the mechanical skills required.  

This ensures that dogs do not become confused or frustrated whilst their owners are perfecting their skills.

The course covers :


●    Mechanical skills - learning and perfecting your clicker timing and treat delivery.
●    Capturing - rewarding a behaviour your dog offers of his own accord.
●    Targeting - a part or all of your dog's body touching something e.g. whole body on a bed target, or nose touching a             hand target.
●    Shaping - playing the “getting warmer game” – clicking those behaviours that get nearer and nearer to the goal.


Clicker training is a fun and effective positive training method that gets the best out of owners and their dogs.  
To read about clicker training, visit Karen Pryor’s website