PUPPY LEVEL 2 - APDT Good Companion Puppy Award Course

Course information

Puppy level 2 is a 7 week course designed to either progress you and your puppy from the basic skills learnt in the Life Skills classes or as a start for training with your puppy.  Puppy level 2 will allow you to work towards the APDT Good Companion Award.  Only 4 puppies and their families in each class.

What is included?
●    7 weeks tuition learning and progressing basic behaviours
●    Weekly handouts as a refresher of the class (via email)
●    Continuing assessment of the award criteria
●    Certificate and rosette for those passing their APDT Good Companion                      Puppy/Adult Award


Who is it for?
Puppy level 2 is for puppies who have completed the Puppy Start Right Course and for older puppies up to1 year who wish to start training.   We strongly recommend that puppies under 20 weeks start on the Puppy Start Right Course. Pups between 8 months and one year will take the Adult Beginner Assessment.




The Award

Full details of the puppy award criteria can be found here





The adult award criteria can be found here 

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